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Rhodium Plating

The Process

Contrary to public opinion, the ring is not "dipped". Much like the clear coat on a car, the surface under the plating must be clean and meticulously polished. First the ring and prongs are inspected for defects and potential problems and these are addressed. The ring then goes through a 5 step polishing process using graduated methods and polishing compounds to bring the ring to new condition. The ring is then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and thoroughly steam cleaned. The ring then begins the plating process. An electric current runs through the ring while it is in the electro cleaning bath and then it sits in an actuating bath to prepare the surface for plating. Finally it goes to the rhodium bath while an electric current is run through the ring which makes the rhodium fuse to the metal.

The cost is only $28 per ring. Most often it can be done the next business day. 

Lastly, rhodium WILL wear off and how you wear your ring will determine how quickly that will happen. Avoid chlorine and alcohol (like hand sanitizer) and cosmetics. Also, the alloy that your ring is made of will determine if it will yellow over time and may have to be plated more often. We are often asked if we can plate yellow rings and make them white. The answer is yes, we've done this with great success, but because it is a white plating over yellow metal, we can't guarantee how long it will last.